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Quick Spear™

Bale Spear
Round Bales
Square Bales

Shown here for moving square bales


  • Bolt-on tines for custom configurations
  • Optional stacking extensions for multiple bale handling
  • Open back design for operator visibility
  • High-strength steel for increased load rating

Our Bale Spear allows you to move and stack both round and large square bales easily and effectively. Optional stacking extensions offer the convenience of maneuvering multiple bales at a time so you can get the work done twice as fast.


Model Square Round
Part Number 900693 900692
Shipping Weight 295 lb. 295 lb.
Operating Weight 245 lb. 245 lb.
Maximum Width 57” 57”
Maximum Height 24” 24”
Maximum Depth 44” 60”
Configuration 32” - Qty 3 48”-  Qty 1 and 32” - Qty 1
32” Tine Load Rating 1,795 lb. 1,795 lb.
48” Tine Load Rating N/A 3,485 lb.
60” Stacking Extensions
48” Spear (additional)
32” Spear (additional)

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