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Attachments: Brush Chipper

Big Chipperâ„¢

Brush Chipper
Standard Flow High Flow

The chipper has 2 mounts, so it can be set to feed in front or to the curb side.


  • Direct hydraulic drive and fly-wheel design make for low maintenance and efficient chipping
  • Independent hydraulic feed system controls allows user complete control of feeding rate into the chipper
  • Two universal skid steer attach plates on two sides of the chipper allow skid steer to be attached either perpendicular or parallel to chipper for best maneuverability in even the tightest locations

Turn your skid steer into a mobile work station. This attachment is ideal for commercial, residential, orchards, golf courses, etc., any place where you need to turn a pile of branches into a pile of chips. Easily placed into backyards and remote areas without creating damage to yards.


Model Standard Flow High Flow
Part Number 900790 900791
Feed Opening 5.5” x 7” 9” x 9”
Chipper Capacity 5” 8”
Feed System Hydraulic Hydraulic
Chipper Disc 20” x 1.25” 30” x 1.25”
Disc Weight 140 lb. 275 lb.
Operating Weight 1,145 lb. 1,525 lb.
Case Drain Required Required
Recommended Hydraulics 15-25 GPM @ 3,000 psi 25-40 GPM @ 3,000 psi
Chipper Blade Kit (standard flow) N/A
Chipper Blade Kit (high flow) N/A
Factory Installed Case Drain Coupler
Factory Installed Couplers
Factory Installed High Flow Couplers N/A

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