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Attachments: Digging Backhoe

Quick Dig™

Digging Backhoe
Models: DB240-S

Use the digging backhoe attachment for trenching or other productive digging work. Model DB240-S (shown here) provides hydraulic side-to-side swing operation.


  • Six bucket options
  • Optional mechanical thumb
  • Hydraulic side swing
  • Greasable pins
  • Hardened bushing inserts
  • AR400 bucket plates

Dig deep with the Digging Backhoe. This skid steer digger backhoe reaches 6 feet deep with a single arm and hydraulically controlled bucket. Use it for trenching or other productive digging work. Includes hydraulic side-to-side swing operation.


Model DB240-S
Part Number 901071
Bucket Cylinder 2.5” x 16”
Swing Cylinder 2.5” x 6”
Bucket Breakout Force 5,346 lb. @ 3,000 psi
Digging Depth 6’
Shipping Weight (without bucket) 450 lb.
Swing Range 100°
Bucket 9”
Ditching Bucket 24”
Mechanical Thumb
Pistol Grip Control Harness
Loader Specific Wiring Harness
Factory Installed Couplers

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