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Grapple Rod Bucket
Models: 60" 68" 76"

Dig, grab and sift with our versatile grapple rod bucket.


  • Rugged tool great for landscaping, demolition, roots, rocks, brush, debris, and other difficult-to-grasp material
  • Designed for digging through the dirt to pick up unwanted material, leaving dirt behind
  • Excellent tool for digging and pulling out materials from demolition work
  • Clears, combs, and grooms while screening material
  • Clear, dig, extract, grab, and sift all-in-one tool
  • Protective covers on hydraulic cylinders
    (standard equipment)

The Grapple Rod Bucket is the perfect piece of equipment to dig or root out and grab difficult material, while sifting out unwanted debris. Replaceable cast shanks with pin-on heat treated replaceable tips adds to the life and economic viability of this machine. Heavy-duty 7/8” rods are spaced 3 1/8” apart so larger items will stay in the grapple while loose dirt or dust falls through. Two heavy-duty independent grapples powered by two 3,000 lb. cylinders, that are shielded to prevent damage, power this monster for the largest jobs.


Model 60” 68” 76”
Part Number 900662 900664 900666
Operating Weight 950 lb. 1,000 lb. 1,050 lb.
Operating Weight 900 lb. 950 lb. 1,000 lb.
Width 62” 70” 78”
Width Between Rods 3.125” 3.125” 3.125”
Width Between Lower Teeth 8.50”  9.75” 9.25”
Height (with teeth closed) 27.385” 27.385” 27.385”
Height (with teeth open) 48.34” 48.34” 48.34”
Maximum Opening 41.12” 41.12” 41.12”
Grapple Teeth Lower 7 7 8
Hydraulic Cylinders 3" x 6" (2) 3" x 6" (2) 3" x 6" (2)
Steel Construction of Teeth Hi-strength Hi-strength Hi-strength
Mesh Insert
End Plates
Factory Installed Couplers

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