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Attachments: Log, Brush, and Rock Grapple

Eagle Talon™

Log, Brush, and Rock Grapple
Models: 72" 84"

Our log, brush and rock grapple features T-1 steel tines with a 46 inch opening.


  • Gusseted between teeth for added strength
  • Two - 3,000 lb. cylinders
  • Replaceable teeth tips
  • Closes tighter than most conventional grapples
  • Root rake, clears brush, large logs, rocks, demolition
  • Curved teeth glide over the ground, raking and cleaning the surface without damaging it
  • Unique lower teeth for better gripping

This grapple is designed for the most powerful skid steers. The strength of the Log, Brush & Rock Grapple allows you to move the most massive loads with ease. Simply put, this is one of the strongest, most versatile grapples built in the entire industry.


Model 72” 84”
Part Number 900592 900594
Shipping Weight 1,100 lb. 1,250 lb.
Operating Weight 1,050 lb. 1,200 lb.
Width 74.13” 86.13”
Width Between Teeth Upper (average) 12” 12”
Width Between Teeth Lower (average) 10.53” 10.53”
Height with Teeth Closed 37.74” 37.74”
Maximum Height with Teeth Open 53.58” 53.58”
Maximum Opening 48”     48”
Grapple Teeth (upper) 8 9
Grapple Teeth (lower) 7 8
Hydraulic Cylinders 3" x 8" (2) 3" x 8" (2)
Steel Construction of Teeth T-1 T-1
Factory Installed Couplers

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