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Attachments: Mini 6-Way Dozer Blade/Grader/Leveler

Versa Blade™ Mini

Mini 6-Way Dozer Blade/Grader/Leveler (900510) (315 lbs.)

Turn your mini skid steer into a high performance dirt moving machine.


  • Adjustable skid shoes for control of cutting depth
  • Bolt-on cutting edge
  • Standard with tilt cylinder (angle cylinder optional)
  • Not recommended for snow removal due to no trip moldboard

Turn your skid steer into a high performance, dirt moving machine. This dozer, grader, and leveler is an all-in-one package. Ideal for dozing, scraping, and cutting swales. Also levels roads, yards, and job sites. Turn your mini skid steer into a high performance grading machine. Six-way hydraulically controlled dozer blade is easy to operate. Saves job site preparation time.


Model 6-Way Dozer Blade Mini
Part Number 900510
Angling Manual
Overall Width 49.5”
Overall Height 21.25”
Overall Length 28.25”
Side Angle (both ways) 25°
Tilt Angle (both ways) 10°
Cutting Edge 1/2” x 4”
Tilt Cylinder 2" x 4"
Angle Cylinder (optional) 2" x 4"
Weight 265 lb.
Mounting Kit Configurations ASV/Terex (RC/PT30)
Bobcat (MT-52/55, 463/S70)
Toro / Vermeer / Boxer / Ditch Witch / Ramrod / Kanga / Cormidi
Universal Mounting Plate (up to 1,000 lb. ROC)
Hydraulic Angling Package  
Urethane Skid Shoes  
Urethane Cutting Edge   
Rubber Cutting Edge  
Toggle Control Harness*  
Loader Specific Wire Harness*  
Factory Installed Couplers  
* Applies to Hydraulic Model only

Configurations and Options

Hydraulic Angling

  • None (100150)

  • Hydraulic Power Angling Package (400193)

  • Controls

  • None (100160)

  • Toggle Control Harness for Mini (300248)for hydraulic model only

  • ASV 8 Pin Wire Harness (320234)for hydraulic model only

  • Bobcat 14 Pin Wire Harness (320256)for hydraulic model only

  • Couplers

  • Factory Installed Faster Flat-Faced Couplers (100001)

  • Cutting Edges

  • Rubber Cutting Edge 50" (400171)

  • Urethane Cutting Edge 50" (400173)

  • Mounts

  • Mount ASV Mini (400541)

  • Mount Bobcat Mini (400542)

  • Mount Toro, Vermeer, Boxer, Cormidi Mini (400540)

  • Mount Universal Mini (400543)

  • Skid Shoes

  • Urethane Skid Shoes (320328)

  • Product Video

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