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Quick Attach Auger

I’m very happy with my purchase of the Quick Attach 15PD auger, with the heavy duty auger bit! I’d like to share my Quick Attach story. My neighbor called me and asked what I would charge to auger some holes in the ground about 4 foot deep. I told her my price per hole. She decided to use another person that charged by the hour. This other person was running a Bobcat drive unit with an auger bit that has bolt on teeth. He would start drilling and get about 2.5 feet, hit some hard rock and break the bolt on teeth right off the bit on every hole . 4 hours and only 20 holes later my neighbor called me again to see if I could help. I show up, unload my Cat hook up the 15PD with my 10 inch heavy duty bit. I track over to the 21st hole and start drilling. The gentleman who had previously been drilling watched and in just a moments time I punch though the rock and hit my 4 foot mark without trouble. A few holes later the gentleman packed up and left, 110 holes later still have all my teeth and never broke one off. My heavy duty auger bit paid for its self by being high quality. You just never know what you’re going to encounter when you start drilling. The money paid for Quick Attach durability was worth it in handling the most undesirable soil conditions rock, clay, etc. Now, all of my attachments are Quick Attach! I will continue to buy from them. It’s a name you can count on & trust I know I do!

Great Product and awesome people to work with.

Jared Dalgarn
Caputa, SD


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